Hello Adrianna-Beba.. 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse
by Debbie FordLesson 12: The Power of Risk

From the lesson questioner   that I am having difficult is: What risks can you take in your external world this week in order to step into the unknown and discover new aspects of yourself?

my unknown new aspect of my life is that I accept that my husband died. We will always missed him and I am on my own with my teen agers and I love my life! I feel blessed and very grateful to God.

New aspect could be more assertiveness? ...maybe?....not sure yet….this mortgage fraud is horrible and nerve racking! I am teaching other homeowners to discover their own fraud in their home “toxic loans” now. what a shame for California...not good!

I still feel happy and very exited for the future! Paralegal classes next semester con el favor de Dios!:)



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  • Hola Amada, espero que se te hayan aclarado tus dudas en la sesion de preguntas y respuestas la semana pasada. Gracias por estar....xoxox

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