Essay form and content

The general requirements for the work are:

  1. Presentation of the author's reflections in the form of concise theses;
  2. Argumentativeness of the author's thoughts, supporting them with arguments.

General facts, scientific arguments, examples from life situations and personal experience, references to authoritative personalities should be used as arguments. The golden mean is two arguments in defense of each statement. One proof may not be enough, and if there are three or more of them, it greatly overloads the work, which should be concise.

Is writersperhour legit? Because of the general requirements, the essay takes on a cyclical format. The structure of the essay looks like this:

  • introductory part;
  • thesis 1, arguments;
  • thesis 2, arguments;
  • thesis 3, arguments;
  • ...
  • concluding part.

Before writing an essay text, the following nuances should be considered:

  1. The introductory and concluding parts of the essay fix the reader's attention on the problem. In the beginning of the essay, the author puts it, and in the conclusion - draws conclusions.
  2. The work should be logically divided into paragraphs, constituent parts, form the impression of a coherent and structured work.
  3. The general stylistics of essays are characterized by emotionality, artistic expressiveness, expression. According to writers, you can achieve the desired impact by using simple and concise wording, differing in intonation, skillfully separating the utterances with a dash, but the individual stylistics is determined by the character traits of the author.

To begin with, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. About personal qualities:
  • Do I differ from those around me?
  • How is this difference expressed?
  1. About my studies:
  • What reasons did I want to do it?
  • What reasons do I still do it?
  1. About the life events mentioned:
  • Why is this incident so memorable to me?
  • Did it affect my change in character?
  • What was my reaction to it?
  • Did the event bring any revelation, did it make the hitherto unknown clear?
  1. About the personalities mentioned:
  • Why do I mention this person in the piece?
  • Do I want to be like him in this?
  • What are his traits and virtues that most fascinate me?
  • Did he say something that I will never forget?
  • Did I change my life stance under his influence?
  1. About things I liked and disliked:
  • Why do I like or dislike it?
  • Has this circumstance had any meaningful impact on my life?
  1. About my own failures:
  • What did those failures teach me?
  • What have I learned from this situation for myself?

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